Performance Assessment Task Bank

Performance Assessment Task Bank

The goal of the MCIEA Performance Assessment Task Bank is to provide models of high quality performance tasks, rubrics, and curriculum planning documents from educators in MCIEA districts. Sharing across schools will illustrate the ways MCIEA educators are using performance assessment to measure in multiple ways the deeper thinking skills that we want our students to learn and demonstrate. The MCIEA Performance Assessment Task Bank depends on educator willingness to share with each other!  Click Here to Submit Your Task

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Students write a myth that describes something specific about our world (e.g., a natural phenomenon like why it snows in winter, the creation of the earth, or a past event)

Subject(s): ELA
Grades(s): 6-8

While learning about the basic needs, adaptations, and ecosystems of animals, students will determine whether zoos are beneficial or harmful.

Subject(s): Science, ELA, Interdisciplinary
Grades(s): 3-5

In this task, students use their geometry knowledge to collaboratively develop a 2-dimensional plan and 3-dimensional model for a playground.

Subject(s): Math
Grades(s): 3-5